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Admin Application Requeriments! Empty Admin Application Requeriments!

on 24th October 2019, 12:04 am
W  A  R  N  I  N  G ! ! !

You need complete all the requeriments for get the admin, if you fail in any of this requeriments you will get denied automatically!

    1. You need be a member for 7 days. if you dont complete this requeriment you will get denied automatically

     2.  You must be active on the forum and server what are you applying.

     3.  In order for your application be accepted need the vouch of Trial Admins/Admins+ 

     4.  Don't annoying Trial Admins/Admin+ for view your application or give they're votes.

     5. You need report 4-5 hackers/cheaters of nG# servers in forum ( the applicants need must report 1 autobhop/bhop script with the other reports).

     6. Don't annoying/spamming The Staff in charge of the server you're applying to view your application and take the decision about your application. 
         ( this will result in an automatic denial )

     7. You need wait 1 week if you application get denied ( or more if the Staff decided it )

  • If you broke this rule you will need wait another week ( this will depending of the severity )

     8. You must be able to read/speak/write fluent english.

            We need server admins who are able communicate effectively with the players/admins in game.
          This mean not using an translator for assist you

     9. You can't apply for admin position if you are currently member/admin in other community.( reason: double clanning ) 
        We need members who will prioritize the NightGames Community over other communities.

     10. Members/Admins only will can apply for 2 servers maximally 
          Don't apply in 2 servers in the same time. Rule 7: you will need wait 1 week if your application get denied.

     11. You need to pass the admin test will be provided to you by the Staff member or any Server Manager after your apply
          You need get a score of at least 70%
          Dont ask for help in the moment when you're completing the test.

     12. your application get denied if you do the following things: 

  •  You must not delete questions of your application

  • You must post your application only in Admin Application. Not in Trial/Accepted/Denied.

     13. If you go apply for admin you need a facebook profile ( Main facebook or false facebook). The admin need that because in case emergency staff or higher ranks can communicate for this social network.

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