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Information of Youtuber Rank! Empty Information of Youtuber Rank!

on 28th October 2019, 11:28 am
Information of Youtuber Rank


This rank is designed for the NightGames Members, who are interested on promoting our community through the social network Youtube, either by videos or Youtube directly.


 • Requeriments

The requirements for uploading videos are the next:

1. The Youtuber needs to upload 1 video with minimum 7 minutes. Also the video needs to get 30 views.

2. Upload 2 videos, both 7 minutes minimum. Also the videos need to get 60 views in total. This option has extra rules which will be mentioned later.


Rewards for Uploading Videos

As all ranks have, the youtuber rank have some rewards for doing their job.. These are the next:

1. For uploading 1 video the Youtuber will receive 600 aps.

The Youtuber will receive an extra of +50 aps for editing the video.
The Youtuber will receive a bonus of +50 aps if the video gets 45 views, +25 aps if 30 views. (Less views than that won't get a bonus)
2. For uploading 2 videos the Youtuber will receive 800 aps.

If the Youtuber edited the video he/she will receive a bonus of +50 aps, the Youtuber has to edit both videos. This is OBLIGATORY. If the youtuber only edited 1 video the bonus will not apply.
The Youtuber will get a bonus of +50 aps if he/she promotes our forum and shop.
The Youtuber will get a bonus of +25 aps for get the goal of 30 likes. (This bonus only applies for 1 video)
For now these are the rewards for uploading videos, using 1 of this options. Maybe in the future options and bonuses will give more APS .



We have some rules for the bonus previously mentioned. Those rules only apply for the second option (when the youtuber uploaded 2 videos). 

In the moment when the Youtuber uploads the first video, he/she needs to wait for the video to get 30 views in order to upload the second vid.
For the Youtuber to receive the 800 aps he/she needs to have 60 views between both videos.
In case the Youtuber doesn't complete the rules, he/she won't receive the 800 aps. and will receive instead a minor amount of 500 ap.
Note: For bonus and rewards, the videos must be recorded in NightGames servers or the staff in charge about this section (@Nightbot) will not give the bonuses and rewards. Also you need to put the video in the frag-movie section here.
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