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Members Rules! Empty Members Rules!

on 24th October 2019, 9:26 pm
Dear Members

we request that all members Follow with the following rules when contributing to the discussion forums:


Keep it friendly.

Welcome new members, share your tips or show them how to use the website. If you are a new member, make sure to introduce yourself – our community is waiting for you.

Be courteous and respectful

Appreciate that others may have an opinion different from yours..

Stay on topic

When creating a new discussion thread, give a clear topic title and put your post in the appropriate category. When contributing to an existing discussion, try to stay 'on topic'. If something new comes up within a topic that you would like to discuss, start a new thread.

Special Threads

Members are not allowed to post in special threads Like Admin Application,unban request,Server Manager Application etc

Share your knowledge.

Don't hold back in sharing your knowledge – it's likely someone will find it useful or interesting. When you give information, provide your sources.

Keep it safe

Remember that the forums are public places. Don't post personal information that you would not be comfortable sharing with a stranger. We recommend you use only your first name or a pseudonym in your username and that you don't post any information that may identify you

or anyone else, such as your address, email address or phone number.

Report abuse

A strong online community is self-governing. If you see abuse, report it to us using the ‘report post’ button on the forums.

One account per person

Running multiple identities on our forums is not permitted. If you are unable to access your account, please get in touch with us rather than creating a new one.

Thanks for read the Rules ! Enjoy in our community!
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Members Rules! Final_10
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