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Server Manager Expectations Empty Server Manager Expectations

on 24th October 2019, 9:07 pm
Admins wondering the expectations of a Server Manager, please take a look down below:

Must wear tag in-game when not in their respective server.

Responsible for managing traffic on the servers (through advertising, boosting).

Recommends ways to promote efficiency of the member's server.

Recommends ways to promote more traffic.

Responsible for recruiting new admins.

Responsible for the actions of admins in his/her server.

Responsible for recruiting new members.

Be active in servers/forums.

Respect the Server Rules/Admin Rules.


As every other rank, the Server Manager have duties but these may vary on how often you have to meet the standard depend on the server you're in charge:

1. Managing your own Section on the server.

2. Approving/Rejecting Admin Applications in your section.

3. Promote ways to get better performance/traffic in your server.

4. Arbitrating Server Admins (+Trials) Activity. (Example: BAN APPEALS,ADMIN ABUSE,ETC.)

5. Propose Changes and Innovations to the Server. [updates]

6. Help & Support the Community Managers in order to improve the Server Ranking [boosting & Inviting new Players]

Server Manager Expectations Final_10
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