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Server Manager Requeriments Empty Server Manager Requeriments

on 24th October 2019, 9:03 pm
The requirements for seeking a position on Server Management are as follows:


1. You must be an Administrator and solely this rank to be able to apply/considered for Server Manager.

2. You must be an Admin in the server you wish to manage. (Example: You can't say you want to manage DD2 when in reality you're an admin on Zombie Plague, it just doesn't work like that).

3. Ideally,the applicant should be of at least 16/17 years of age or older, Server Manager is a role that requires a mature person.

(Note: If you are younger than this and the others see you fit as mature, you still have a chance of receiving the rank)

4. Applicant should be familiar with the English language.

5. The applicant should have their own sense of what is right and what is wrong, we look for independent people who we can trust to get the job done, not wait for someone to tell them.

6. Steam Account is required, just like with Demo Reviewers as there may be urgent situations in which we may need to contact you urgently and it sure isn't going to be happening through the shoutbox or private message.

7. You must not delete questions from your application.

8. You must post your application only in Server Manager Application section. Not in Accepted/Denied sub-sections or anywhere else.

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